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CMJ Music Festival

December 17, 2008

New York City – there’s no place like it. I attended the CMJ Music Festival there this year accompanied by Fussy Music’s Nichole Peters and Leerone. It was love at first landing. Now I can see the implication of the all too popular “I Love NY” t-shirts. The people are genuine and friendly, you can’t get enough of the food, and the subway is something I can definitely get used to! Yeah, it’s a little confusing at first but we managed to master the system.

Nichole and I on the subway

Nichole and I on the subway

The festival was intense but so much fun! Execs from numerous distinguished corporations were present from MTV to Columbia Records to share their knowledge. It was a treat to meet so many established people in the music industry. Lots of great stories, input, and tips were shared and I did my best to soak it all in with the view of the beautiful fall trees and buildings right outside the windows of NYU.
The view outside the conference at NYU

The view outside the conference at NYU

After each day of panels, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed out to check out some bands. So many options, so little time! A great show we all attended was Broken Social Scene in Brooklyn. It took about 3 trains and an endless amount of walking but it was well worth it. A show not to forget! The crowd definitely agreed with me – it was a sold out event! A talented 19 member band that truly provided some serious ear candy.

A few other shows that we attended were The Jones Street Boys at The Living Room and Bell at Pianos . Both amazing! I would have to say The Living Room and Pianos were two of my favorite NYC music venues. They’re cozy enough to experience intimate music, but you still feel like you’re part of a show with an inspired crowd.

That weekend we had a day to roam around as tourists. We visited Central Park, Times Square, and the World Trade Center in a matter of hours! It was a doable task thanks to the subway in all its convenience. I definitely didn’t miss LA traffic. While in Central Park, it started to rain so we couldn’t stay as long as we wanted, but we did snap some unforgettable photos. Everywhere I looked, it reminded me of a painting and I wanted to be stuck in the masterpiece forever.

Central Park

Central Park

New York is an enchanting city. There’s so much going on all around you, yet you somehow find the special things that the city has to offer. The music scene is so rich the culture is eccentric, and the weather is refreshing. Most importantly, you don’t even have to feel guilty for stopping at a hot dog cart twice a day because all the walking you do diminishes the calories. Bliss! I am now a proud owner of an “I love NY” shirt. Mark my words, Fussy Music will be back in NYC soon enough ☺


Atlantis Music Conference & Festival

November 19, 2008

I attended the Atlantis Music Conference & Festival, which was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Leerone and I took a red eye to get there from LA and when we landed we were so tired everything felt like a dream sequence. The trees were deep green and everyone was so sweet like their tea, ha! We stayed at the cheapest motel we could find in downtown, which ended up catching on fire during our last stay, unbenounced to us. Somehow everyone but us was evacuated?! During our time at the festival I was able to attend some really informative panels and hear some fresh perspectives on the changing nature of the music industry. I met some amazing musicians and music industry people! Lou Plaia (Owner of Reverbnation!), Jonathon Alexander (Owner of Tapit), Michael Corcoran (Owner of MusicSubmit) and Chris Rockwood (Video game producer) were among my favorites. During the night, the festival put on a bunch of different bands that played at different venues. Before Leerone’s show I met up with some of my Atlanta friends and enjoyed a nice meal at Park Tavern. It reminded me a lot of Central Park in New York, big grassy area with the sky line in the background. Everyone was well dressed and reminded me of the Great Gatspy. Leerone ( ) played on a Saturday night at Smith’s Olde Bar. This place was very original and homey feeling! It’s two levels and offers a perfect atmosphere for an indie band setting. The small stage downstairs has big puffy chairs and couches for people to sit down on and the upstairs is a big stage standing room only. Among my favorite bands that played, besides Leerone, was a band called Afterglow Radio. Their manager, Adam Purdy, was sweet enough to buy me a drink after drooling over his band. Whom, I ran into again in New York during CMJ! All the band members where super nice and very talented. After our 4 day’s in Atlanta, GA, we then had to say goodbye to our new found friends, burning motel and return to our beloved smog-filled LA. Home sweet home.

After the show at Smith's Olde Bar

Leerone at Smith's Olde Bar